Vedic Numerolgy VII

Vedic Numerology – Lesson 7

When the celestial science of the Heavens ( Astrology ) blends with the
science of Numbers , now we have the fascinating Vedic Numerology. Whereas
Pythagorus initiated Numerology within the West, Astrology was initiated by
eighteen Seers from India. They had been the seer-poets who composed the
Vedas, scriptures which had been by no means written and which had been cognised in
greater states of Consciousness, from Cosmic Consciousness and above.

Seven – dominated by the Moon’s Descending Node or the South Node, Ketu

The 2 mathematical factors the place the orbits of the Moon and the Solar
intersect are known as Ascending Node ( North Node ) & Descending Node
( South Node), Rahu & Ketu.( The orbits of the Solar & the Moon differ by 8
levels ). They’re shadowy planets and never precise planets . They’re
essential determinants of behaviour. In Vedic Astrology nice significance
is hooked up to the Nodal Axis which turns into the pivot of the horoscope.
In Mythology ( which is allegorical and symbolic ), Rahu & Ketu are
characterised as demons as each these shadowy planets are pure
malefics. Rahu resembles Saturn & Ketu,Mars.

Results of Fadic Quantity Seven

If the Sevenian is YOU!

( Fadic Quantity is the quantity bought after including all of the digits comprising your
date of delivery ).

Your Numerological Quantity is 7 and your Life Controller is
Ketu. That is the variety of these born on the 7 16 and the
twenty fifth of each month. They’re very pleasant with the Lunari-
ans – that’s folks born on the two 11 20 29. They’re very
impartial outstanding and with nice individuality. As
they’re stressed they love journey and alter. They love
journey significantly in overseas nations.

They don’t seem to be fortunate in monetary issues. However girls born un-
der this quantity are at all times anxious about their very own future
and at all times discover out good matrimonial alliances. They’re
wealthy in concepts which can discover their strategy to achievement. Th-
eir ideas are noble. They achieve quite a lot of data about
the ocean and attempt to set up enterprise ties with overseas co-

About Faith their concepts are completely different. They attempt to discovered
new progressive and inventive religions. They at all times dream
great goals. They love occult sciences. They’re alwa-
ys intuitive. To achieve the fructifiction of their aims
they need to use 7 16 and 25.

Their fortunate days are Sunday and Monday. If as of late coin-
cide with 1 2 4 10 11 13 19 20 22 28 29 31 as of late beco-

Your Fortunate Month July

Your Fortunate Dates 7 16 & 25

Your Fortunate Color White

Your Fortunate Stone Cat’s eye

Your Fortunate Day Monday

Sir Joshua Reynolds Charles Dickens & Oscar Wilde had been bo-
rn such as you beneath this quantity and it’ll not be sur-
prising if anybody identifies comparable traits in you

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Persona Oveview

Controller of Life – Moon’s Descending Node

You’re dominated by the Moon’s Descending Node ,Ketu. Within the
psychic sciences the quantity seven represents the Divine.
Folks born beneath this quantity are at all times impressed and actu-
ated by excessive beliefs. They’re at all times engaged in noble and
artistic actions.

You’re a mystic by nature at all times tuned to the religious
world. You’re endowed with private magnetism and other people
are influenced simply by you.

You’ll shine within the noble professions ( Medication, Regulation,
Philosophy, Astrology & Theology ) as your important goal
is the alleviation of human struggling.

You’re able to sacrifice your life for attaining the Professional-
mised Land of your chosen ideology. You push forth to your
intention regardless of the opinions of the world. You’re solely
joyful when your goal is realised.

Your important downside is that you’re too harmless and straig-
ht-forward which has its drawbacks significantly in busine-
ss and politics.

Your noble outlook on life will certainly earn you progre-
ss within the subject of Ethics and Morality. You might not be that
affluent within the materials or the worldly sphere.

You’re too emotional and writhe on the slightest adversity
Perseverance and persistence ought to be integrated.

In Vedic Astrology the South Node is the significator of Liberation.
Together with Jupiter and Saturn , Ketu play a promiment half within the
native attaining to Self-Actualisation. The South Node within the twelfth
home is preferable from the angle of Nirvana. Ketu guidelines over
three constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac, Beta Arietis( Aswathi),
Regulus ( Makha ) & Lamda Scorpii ( Moola ).

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An Analytical Evaluate

The zodiac signal representing this quantity is Scorpio.
( Don’t confuse this with the delivery check in Astrology )
Scorpio is the signal of the Mystic the Investigator.Psychic
sciences entice them in no unsure measure. They’re al-
methods interested in the mysteries of Nature.

Scorpians present great resilience. They’ve the flexibility
to bounce again after being on the receiving finish. Their det-
ermination and tenacity make them winners in the long term.

You don’t take care of the opinions of others and go forward wi-
th your peculiar outlook on life. As you might be cussed and
present a bulldog spirit you might be more likely to have quite a lot of enem-
ies. You’ll be subjected to wrestle, strife and sufferi-
ng as this constellation is fiery in nature and reveals all
the qualities of the lord of battle Mars.

Scorpio is dominated by Mars. In classical Astrology Ketu rese-
mbles Mars and therefore this constellation is martian in natu-
re. As you’re a Martian all of the preventing qualities of Mars
can be predominant in you. Dedication, bulldog spirit
management, generalship, willpower, resilience – these are
the true Martian qualities. Endurance perseverance indiff-
erence – all these qualities can be missing in you.

Anger is one other ardour which can grip you at occasions.

Detrimental Facet

Ketu is a planet which brings salvation by sorrow. In
different phrases he makes you bear the cross. Enmity from one’s personal
kith and kin and sorrow are the web outcomes.


Palasa Pushpa Sankasham
Tharakakara Masthakam
Roudram Roudragunopetham
Tham Ketum Pranamamyaham

This sloka if recited 108 occasions each day can chase away the afflictions
arising from Ketu. That is the moola sloka of Ketu.

The South Node guidelines Cat’s Eye. Carrying a hoop embedded with Cat’s Eye
on a Shukla Paksha Tuesday can destroy the afflictions arising from Ketu
Dasa ( the planetary interval of the South Node ). Shukla Paksha is the brilliant
fortnight, 15 days interval after the New Moon.

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In Transcendental Philosophy the Quantity Seven is taken into account very sacred.
The seventh state of Consciousness in Transcendental Meditation is the
Unified state of Cosmic Consciousness or Unity Consciousness.
The Beatitudes are Seven. The Seven Octaves of Music , the seven colours
of the spectrum, the seven main planets, the seven days of the week – all
these bear ample testimony to the importance hooked up to the quantity
seven. Within the Supramental Dialectic, Common Being is sevenfold – viz,
the Sevenfold Chord of Being being Life, Thoughts, Matter, Supermind, Being,
Information and Bliss.

Seven sciences represent Dialectics – Ontology, Epistemology, Axiology,
Aesthetics, Ethics, Logic and Politics. The seven liberal arts – Rhetoric,
Music, Astronomy, Grammar, Logic, Arithmetic and Geometry – and
the seven cardinal virtues – Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence,
Information, Knowledge & Understanding – adorn classical Philosophy.
The seven reprehensible actions of Aristotlean Ethics – Lust, greed,
Jealousy, anger, sloth, covetousness & attachment- have been categorized
by Dante because the Seven Lethal sins. The seventh precept in Transcendental
Philosophy is Absolute Being ( Sat ) which is the supply of all existence.

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