Federal Firearms Licenses – Definitions of the Various FFL and SOT License Types

Ever for the reason that gun management act of 1968 was handed, the manufacture and sale of firearms is simply potential by these in possession of a Federal Firearms License, (FFL). To be able to receive considered one of these licenses, an utility should be filed with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. This type is called ATF kind 7, and may cowl quite a lot of various kinds of licenses. A top level view of the different sorts and particular operation tax lessons, (SOT) for NFA firearms are listed and outlined under.

First, the FFL license sorts:


1 Supplier in firearms, for aside from harmful devices–$200

2 Pawnbroker for firearms, aside from harmful devices–$200

3 Collector of Curio & Relic (C&R) firearms. Just for amassing and never for use for purchasing and selling–$30.00

6 Producer of ammunition Powders and reloading parts aside from armor piercing ammunition

NFA, destructive–$150.00

7 Producer of firearms, ammunition and ammunition parts aside from NFA, Damaging Gadgets and Armor Piercing Ammunition

8 Importer of firearms and ammunition aside from harmful devices–150$

9 Supplier in harmful devices–$3000

10 Producer of firearms, ammunition and ammunition parts, together with NFA harmful units however no different NFA gadgets, and never together with armor piercing ammunition

11 Importer of firearms, ammunition and NFA harmful units, however no different NFA gadgets

For NFA, (Nationwide Firearms Act of 1934), firearms and ammunition the classification is as follows:


Class 1 Importer of NFA firearms

Class 2 Producer of NFA firearms

Class 3 Supplier of NFA firearms

One factor to notice is that each one firearms licenses are legitimate for a interval of three years (3), and are non-transferable.

Whereas at first this classification scheme could seem overly advanced, when you spend somewhat time studying the regulation, it’ll begin to make sense. If nothing else, i hope this transient define will offer you a a lot deeper appreciation for the complexity concerned with acquiring and sustaining federal firearms licenses. Should you’re excited about acquiring a federal firearms license, attempt to not be dissuaded by all the necessities.. Take your time, do your analysis, and search out assist when wanted. It is a very rewarding and worthwhile enterprise that can repay for years to come back.

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