Back-Lit LED – The Future of Outdoor Digital Signage is Bright

Fashionable flat display screen expertise generally utilized in digital signage corresponding to plasma and LCD is comparatively new and whereas the benefits of these shows in comparison with the outdated fashion cathode ray tube are fairly apparent; flatter, smaller, lighter, cheaper to supply and so on, they aren’t by any means good.

In addition to dwelling leisure, LCD and plasma shows are generally used for signage as a extra dynamic methodology of displaying data and promoting.

Conventional LCD shows do have just a few downsides when used for signage functions, notably when used for digital outside signage. These are three-fold:

Conventional LCDs sometimes can generate 500 nits (or candelas per sq. metre = equivalence of the variety of candles that might emit that mild)

Conventional LCDs, even business grade ones designed for continuous use don’t final so long as dwelling TVs. A part of the issue is that they’re frequently on and even when they’re housed in outside LCD enclosures the screens can fail after a number of years of continuous use.

Vitality Consumption
LCD and plasma shows are additionally fairly energy hungry and this one of many causes they endure reliability issues due to the warmth typically generated by fixed use.

Nonetheless, the rising recognition of back-lit rental led display screens could make standard LCD and plasma screens a factor of the previous, particularly for the digital signage market. Not solely do back-lit LED TVs function with a lot decrease energy consumption they’re additionally much more dependable and may simply final a decade in an honest outside digital signage enclosure – even when left consistently on.

However the greatest plus of a back-lit LED TV over standard LCD programs is the brightness. In comparison with the five hundred nit output of a LCD, a backlit LED can produce 1,500-2,000 nits producing a a lot brighter picture which makes them a really perfect answer for outside signage.


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